Food allergies

Food allergy and intolerance issues are a hot topic right now as more ‘free from’ food appears on the shelves

In one way it is good because some 20 years ago those who couldn’t eat certain foods had to suffer with limited choice and no alternative food replacement. In addition, the variety is now much bigger with better taste than before. One of the downsides…the cost.  I would know, I’ve been there.  (Read my story here)

The Daily Mail states that the price difference can be up to 200% more expensive for free from foods. It’s not looking good, is it? Meanwhile, data from September 2017 by Ceoliac UK shows that gluten free bread was on average 5 times more expensive. It gets worse. What’s more, this significantly affects household budget even just down to buying gluten free bread. Brace yourself. Coeliac UK declares a family of four, with 1 adult and 2 children eating gluten free bread, must pay £245.44 more per year. Those are some heavy numbers making your purse or wallet a great deal lighter. I would know, I’ve been there.

Good news! There’s a solution!

Health Kinesiology can help you the same way it helped me. Now I can eat whatever I like without a reaction and, compared to my struggles before, this is a MASSIVE improvement.


Defining an allergy:

An allergy is when your body does not recognise the substance which means you will react every time and get symptoms (such as a foggy head, digestive problems etc) but you may not get the same symptom every time.

Defining an intolerance:

An intolerance is where your body your body recognises the substance but can only handle a certain amount at one time before it starts to react. So it could be the case you have such a low tolerance that it would seem like an allergy.

How does it work?

We do a tapping technique which allows the body to recognise the substance stopping any further reaction. We also have a different tapping procedure for raising tolerance levels which means you could eat a normal amount of that substance. These methods are not limited to food, they work for any substance such as dust, perfumes, metals, chemicals etc.

My own experience helps me relate to others

I can entirely empathise with those who have allergies because I was wheat free and dairy free (among others) for some time before I found Health Kinesiology. I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). In an attempt to alleviate my symptoms I cut out all sorts from my diet but had no luck. (You can read my story here). I know what it is like spending so much money, struggling to find something you like on the menu when you just crave some real bread or a tasty wheat filled slice of pizza and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

There are many affected by IBS as 1 in 5 are diagnosed with the condition while a third of the UK population experience symptoms. These figures are seriously shocking. I don’t see them going down any time soon especially since the NHS has no solution, only ways to alleviate symptoms.

If you can relate to any of the above and want help, book an appointment or make an enquiry. I’ve been through it and come out so much stronger.

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