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Get rid of food cravings!!

So my client’s food cravings was chocolate and now she’s stopped eating it! I know! It’s crazy!

I was honestly shocked when she told me because this was only after a few sessions. Plus, I love chocolate myself so can’t imagine not eating it 😂 but all in moderation as they say… 😀

She said she doesn’t even think about it anymore so doesn’t eat it…Can you believe it?! Doesn’t it sound impossible? Except clearly it’s not because it happened!

Food cravings can be caused by low willpower, lack of restful sleep, poor hormone regulation and other factors OR a deeper physical or mental issue like self-sabotage, self-worth, self-love…

What food couldn’t you live without?

Book now if you would like help with your food cravings whether you want to lose weight or just be healthier. Or maybe another reason…

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