Post injury recovery

Post injury recovery can be very important to help us continue with our daily lives. I fractured my ankle on the 3rd of March and had a non-weight bearing cast for 4 and a half weeks. It may surprise you to know that I was actually due to get my cast off after 7 weeks. I was too impatient for that!

A couple of days of having a cast I already wanted to heal as quickly as possible so I did Health Kinesiology on myself.

Fast track to one month later and I got my cast off. By golly, it was like a breath of fresh air!


The doctor assessed my ankle and it decided I didn’t need a boot so sent me on my way with my crutches. The doctor advised that I may need to use my crutches at least for the first few days while I get used to walking again. I used crutches that day until I got home, then I put them down and never picked them again…

Two weeks later I had my first physiotherapy session. The therapist was utterly astounded at how well I was walking when I hadn’t put weight on my ankle for almost 5 weeks and I had only been out of a cast for 2 weeks!

The physiotherapist explained to me how, in the healing process, it’s not just the bone it’s also the muscles in the leg, ankle and foot as well as tissue and receptors etc. She gave me some exercises to do at home to increase my range of motion in my ankle.

Another 2 weeks later I had my 2nd physio appointment. I thought I would get told off because I only did the exercises a couple of times, not every day like I should have. Luckily for me it didn’t matter because yet again I amazed the physiotherapist…I had FULL range of motion back! So surprised myself!

Astonishingly the physiotherapist said she’d love me to show other patients in the same situation because they were nowhere near my capability level. I was so flattered by this to say the least.

Progress progress progress

So pleased at my progress and grateful that I could use Health Kinesiology to speed up the healing process. I also greatly appreciate that Health Kinesiology works so wonderfully alongside Western medicine and physiotherapy. I often forget I had a cast in the first place!

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