Healing from injury

Healing with magnets

I recently broke my ankle and of course one of the first things I did, after going to A & E, was do a session on myself to help with the healing.

In my session I discovered I needed to place 5 x 1500 gauss magnets around my ankle for 2 weeks. After this I have to re-arrange them into different positions and they will be on my ankle for another week.

I had gotten a temporary cast from A & E and I had the magnets on for 3 days before I had to take them off ready to get my proper cast done and I didn’t put the magnets back on for the rest of the day. I woke up the following morning with tremendous pain and discomfort in my ankle. Wondering why the sudden pain and I remembered I had not got my magnets on. I replaced the magnets and miraculously I woke up the next day completely pain free!

With injury and post-operation recovery these magnets help with the healing process. After my first hand experience I know I’ll be keeping my magnets on for as long as my body needs!

Have you had an injury and haven’t managed to fully recover to 100% yet? Is it taking longer to heal than you would like? Have you had an operation a while ago but something still doesn’t seem quite right? It might just be these magnets are what you need to help speed up healing and get you fighting fit.

If you are trying to recover from an injury or an operation and think Kinesiology would do the trick please book now.

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