sunset. Acupuncture without needles

What do I actually do???

What I do

Health Kinesiology is like Acupuncture without needles. Find out how it works here

What I do is help people feel better. It’s as simple as that. Honestly! I help people feel their best.

Why do I do it?

My passion for what I do comes from the empathy I have from being in their situation. I was suffering and I know and felt how horrible it was and I wouldn’t want others to be in that position if they don’t have to be 😔And they definitely don’t have to be! 😀

I started my training in Health Kinesiology because it had done wonders for me and I wanted to help others.

It shocked me that for such an amazing therapy I’d never heard of it before until someone told me. It’s not as well known as acupuncture and this surprised me because of the incredible impact the therapy has 😲 I wanted to raise and spread awareness for this incredible therapy so others would realise there was a ‘get out of suffering’ option 🤩

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