Help with decision making

I used to be awful at decision making and it really used to stress me out because of the fear of making the wrong choice. Meditation has really helped with making decisions and here’s how:

If I have a decision to make, whether it’s big or small, I will sit down in a quiet space and tune in to my breathing for a couple of minutes just to calm my mind and any other feelings at the time.

Once I feel everything has quietened I’ll do a body scan ( slowly going up/down your body and noticing what you feel ) but with 3 main areas: head, heart and gut. I check in with my head and feel what it says about my decision to make. Then my heart and then my gut. Spending as much time as I need to get clarity.

I’ve found my head is purely practical and logical using the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained throughout my life.

My heart is emotion based and for me is my protection mechanism so usually chooses a path for me not to get hurt.

My gut can defy all logic and emotion and comes up with a scenario I wouldn’t have thought of with my head but for some reason it feels right and feels good to follow that path. Quite often your gut instinct can be inspiration, that lightbulb moment you can suddenly get.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually had it where my head, heart and gut all say different things! This is where you can have cognitive dissonance (different thoughts/ideas). So what do you do when that happens? Follow your gut of course! It’s always worked out for me! 😉

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