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So I’ve written a couple of posts on Facebook about New Year resolutions and that Health Kinesiology can help but what I haven’t done is explain HOW. So now I’m going to tell you and I think I have a brilliant example from a client I saw the other day 😊

A client came in and we’ve been working on clearing up her skin and preventing her hair loss over a few sessions. Luckily we’ve now got this under control and her skin’s getting better and no more hair is falling out. Well, no more than what it should!

Then all of a sudden during the middle of the session she eagerly said ‘do you want to hear what my new years resolutions are?’ So I said ‘go on then, let’s hear it!’ I was curious now… She said ‘I want to be bolder. I want to educate myself more, learn new things, be more knowledgeable and wiser, you know. And another resolution is to not let fear be my biggest cause of procrastination.’

I was quite surprised at the last one because to me it’s quite deep compared to something like: I want to exercise more. Which is still a great goal might I add! Many things can cause procrastination such as self-sabotage, self-worth and more, and in this case she’d already figured it out as fear.  

Then my client said ‘I wanted to say because given what’s come up it seems to really relate to my new years resolutions so I thought I’d mention it’

So with my client’s permission I’m going to share some of what came up in the session:

  • I understand complex material
  • Lethargy takes over my life
  • I should channel my inner goddess
  • I am not worthy of respect
  • Dynamic
  • Lethargic

Do you see how these relate to her resolutions?

My client had to think each of these statements and words one by one while we held the acupressure points. Then when we do this we release the stress away from those particular thoughts which then breaks down the barriers that hold us back! It’s reframing our belief system so that we can fulfil our potential!!

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