Meditation – is it worth it?

Meditation – is it worth it? Everyone talks about meditation being good for you and a fab stress relief but I’ve found it’s done so much more for me and good news! It can for you too.

From meditating I feel that my mental side and my physical body are connected and I can tell you it’s wonderful to be in sync with yourself. Sometimes when we are so busy day to day using our brains and thinking over everything, our mind and body can become divided. You know that feeling of ‘being too in your head’?

Talking about connection, I have also found that I can feel my emotions in different parts of my body depending on how I’m feeling and what’s going on in my life. By doing a body scan in my meditation (which is just slowly going up/down your body and noticing what you feel) I’ve found tension in my shoulders, heaviness in my tummy, emptiness in my heart and so on. I thought I was quite self-aware but in this sense meditation has given me a great deal of self-awareness of how I’m feeling and my body.

With this increased self-awareness I’ve been able to tune in and follow my gut much more easily because I’ve been able to quieten my mind where previously I’ve been a major over-thinker which never did me any favours! You’re gut feeling is your natural instinct which I would call a 6th sense in a way because you’re going off a feeling. My gut has never let me down so it’s always my go-to.

There are many more pros to meditating but I wont drone on. Just try it for yourself 😊

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